Day 1: One Lucky Duck

If my mother could tell you one thing about me, it would be that I am “one lucky duck”. She’s been saying this since I won a bike at my grade school Halloween Carnival, but besides a hundred dollars from a scratch off ticket in college I don’t really see what she sees. But if she’s right, as mothers tend to be, I’ve been missing opportunities to cash in on my lucky duckyness for years now!


As an underpaid 20-something (milking that while I still can) living in New York City I could really use some good luck. So, now is as good a time as any to find out how lucky I really am.

Every day for the next year I will enter different sweepstakes, lottery drawings, raffles or contests to find out if I’ve got what it takes get things for free.


As mentioned above I am having a bit of a cash flow problem so I googled “Free food sweepstakes” and found this:


By a year they mean up to $5,000, which is about 6 months in NYC, but what the hell fate made this the top of my Google search and who am I to mess with fate. This contest is through the Professional Racing Network so I had to enter my favorite racer to do the sweepstakes. I don’t know a thing about racing (I had to double check that they meant racing cars) so I went to the Professional Racing Networks blog and chose the first name that I found. Brad Keselowski is the best racer in the world and whoever thinks otherwise can bite me.


Wish me luck!

Money Spent: $0
Winnings: $0


2 thoughts on “Day 1: One Lucky Duck

  1. Very entertaining! I laugh out loud reading this blog which is wonderful cause who can’t use a smile each day! I’m rooting for you, lucky duck! I hope you win the sweepstakes of your dreams!


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