Day 2: Have you seen Ceasar sing…at a Mets game?


How the hell did that happen? The beginning of August always kicks off a rushed attempt to do all of the summery things I swore I would do back in May. Baseball games are always on that list because tickets are super cheap and no one judges you for snarfing down hot dogs and drinking your weight in beer. Bleacher seats are great but why sit there when you could sit here…



…and give 14 other people the opportunity to sit there with you (I’m am sooo selfless). It doesn’t say anything about Ceasar singing but I am going to just assume it happens. Because. Showgirls. 

Side Note: It always worries me when they say things like “complimentary beverage”. Who wants to show up at their empire suite (yes it’s mine now) and have them bring out complimentary soda for you and 14 of your friends?!?

If you want to enter this sweepstakes as well go here. But if you win I had better be one of your invitees. 

Money Spent: $0
Winnings: $0 


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