Day 3: Flying Solo

As I was cashing in my Discover miles to buy a plane ticket to Chicago I realized that I haven’t been anywhere besides New York (where I live), Chicago (where my family lives) and Florida (where I am headed tonight to see my mama) in the last several years. I did get to Vegas for a wedding weekend, but I haven’t been on a legitimate vacation since about 2010.

A tight budget has contributed this lack of vacation, but mostly I want my obnoxiously adorable nephew to know who I am in 10 years, so when I can afford to fly it’s usually to Chicago. The ability to apparate would solve all 99 of my problems.  


My Hogwarts letter was tragically lost in the mail (sigh) so I’ll have to try my luck with…


This one is brought to us, in part, by Tommy Bahama, which is fitting because my Nephew’s name is Tommy. This one is for you little man so bring me luck.

Prizes include air transportation on Alaska Airlines, 7 nights in an ocean-view room at The Fairmont Orchid, $200 Uber credit (worth it in itself), $1,000 Tommy Bahama Gift Card, Dinner at Tommy Bahama Restaurant and “Summer of Go” Travel Pack (I do love surprises). Enter Here. 

Nowhere does it say “for two” so it looks like I will be soaking up the sun solo…I am quickly learning that there is always a catch. Also, if I sell out my friends and enter their emails I get entries for each email I give them. 


If it came down to it I would definitely be that girl who drops names for less prison time, but at least I’m upfront about it. 

Money Spent: $0
Winnings: $0
Catch: Flying solo (literally)


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