Day 5: The Devil You Know

I’m sitting on our porch watching a thunderstorm as my short trip to Florida comes to an end. My relationship with this state is a bit tumultuous. I spent most of my childhood vacations coming down here while other friends were exploring more exotic locations, I spent my first two years of college down here (the two most miserable years of my life), they spray water with sulphur on their lawns which produces a rotting egg smell (lovely in the summers), it’s hot, it’s sticky, people snort bath salts and eat each others faces and yet I get a bit sad every time I have to leave.

So after a few drinks tonight I decided that Florida is the devil I know and I should stop fighting it and get a house.

This house. Which is aptly named if you ask me.

It’s in Winter Haven, which means nothing to me, but after a little research we found a list of 25 things to do there. All you really need to know is Legoland is there. Sold.

Coming to an Airbnb listing near you…well an Airbnb listing near Legoland. This prize also includes a boat and $50,000 cash (presumably to pay the taxes on my new house).

On another note, now that I am looking for it I am finding sweepstakes everywhere.

Money Spent To Date: $2
Winnings To Date: $2
Catch: Bath salt snorting face eaters


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