Day 7: Flying can be such a pain in the back

On my ass-crack-of-dawn flight home from Florida yesterday I fell asleep and didn’t move for the full two and a half hours. As a result my back is killing me. 


I don’t think my insurance covers massages so I tried to massage the muscle by lying down on a baseball and moving around. My roommate thought I had lost my mind as he watched me on our apartment floor trying to position this baseball, which was a favor from a friends wedding, under the tight muscle. I had to put on Candidly Nicole to distract him, or maybe to distract myself. 


I looked similar to this woman but far less glamorous (you really can find anything on the internet). I went to bed feeling like a genius problem solver but in the harsh light of day it appears the only thing I accomplished was a nasty bruise on my back. Fail. But there might be a light at the end of this tunnel…


Link to Spa Day. 

If I win they had better make sure a flower is sitting inches from my face at all times. I do not want to take one more breath without inhaling fresh flowers. 

Money spent to date: $2
Winnings to day: $2
Catch: This one is likely to result in some junk mail. Oh well, judging by the back pain it’s probably time I start reading Woman’s Day magazine anyway. 

UPDATE: The light at the end of the tunnel has faded. Before hitting ‘Publish’ I wondered if this spa day takes place in a specific spa. It does not, however the drawing will not be made until March 2015, so it looks like I’m going to need to find another solution to this back pain. Read the fine print. Lesson learned. 


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