Day 9: These Surveys Will Hear Me Roar!

Today at work I got the longest receipt I have ever seen.

photo 2

Thank you to my model, Mike, who also created the banner image for Sweepstakes Sweepstakes annnnnnnd is an accomplished ribbon dancer. So multi-talented.


I bet you are wondering what we could have purchased at Staples to create this monster receipt. Well we got two ink cartridges and…that’s it. So what is the other foot and a half of space for? TWO opportunities to enter sweepstakes and you better believe I am entering them both! The first is another survey, I’m going to be very good at sharing my feelings about my shopping experiences. I like to think of it as therapy on a budget.

The prize for this survey is a $5,000 Staples gift card. Frankly I prefer Duane Reade’s prize of cold hard cash but beggars can’t be choosers and if it’s good enough for Broad City it’s good enough for me.


But the real prize was the second sweepstakes on the receipt!


YAAAAAAAAAAS! Okay so my friends know I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan (I much prefer Beyonce) but put me in the audience of any Pop concert and I’m into it.



Money spent to date: $2
Winnings to date: $2
Catch: The Katy Perry concert is in LA…so now I have to win a plane ticket to LA.



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