Day 14: Instant gratification and social experiments

Maybe it’s being back at my desk or that the sun hasn’t come out all day or that I’m depressed about Robin Williams or that I am technically a millennial, but I was in the mood for some instant gratification today. Also, I’ve got a two dollar hole to dig myself out of and I need to win some stuff fast before I lose complete faith.  Let me introduce you to…


Basically this is a website where you answer survey questions and get a chance to win $50 every day or $2 every hour. My very basic understanding of it is that it’s a new “market research project”. I’m still a bit fuzzy on the details but it combines one thing I really like (giving my opinion) with one thing I really need (cash) so its worth a try. 

So far I have been asked about my preferences in ice cream flavors/toppings, my opinions on hair length/eye color and my feeling about gun control. One of these things is not like the other.



There is an entire system of gaining tickets and coins and a trust score. All of this things somehow help your chances of winning, as does recruiting friends. Thus far I have made 25 cents but I have no idea how and I’m increasingly worried I have entered myself into some weird social experiment. 


Please check out Instant Cash Sweepstakes and let me know what you think. If you use that link you could help me be a winner. Oh god I’m playing right into their hands!!!

Money spent to date: $4
Winnings to date: $2.25
Catch: I might be getting brain washed


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