Day 16: Instant Loser

So I know I’m only 16 days in and getting stuff for free takes patience but I WANT TO WIN SOMETHING NOW!!!! I decided to enter as many instant win sweepstakes today as I could. These were the results.

Budwiserloser Coorsnogood DDloser Drpepperboo Honestteasorry Jacksloser reject2photo

TCBYbooostylelose Smoresregect nabiscomiss 


…but then there was a light at then end of this dark tunnel…


BEST DAY EVER! Also I got 5 more cents on the creepy survey website. 

Money spent to date: $4
Winnings to date: $2.30 (and $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Catch: Really solidifying my fears of rejection. 


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