Day 19: The Day After

I didn’t get to ride a Segway but I did get to spend some time on the national mall. Always takes my breath away.

We had a little too much fun last night and got kind of a late start and were moving pretty slowly so a return trip with definitely be necessary.

The worst thing about not feeling 100% while out of town is that you just feel gross everywhere you go. There is nowhere to hide!! So after today I needed something to glam up.

Go here for your own chance to enter.

I’m finally in my own bed watching old episodes of survivor – I’m obsessed but more on that another time – so goodnight to all!

CSW Update: I’m at 67 cents! And think I’m going to try out the pro thing and see how it goes. I’m determined to get my $2 back!

Money spent to date: $4
Winnings to date: $2.67 (and $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Catch: If I win gift cards I may still have to pay taxes on them. I’m going to need to win some cash prizes to cover them.


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