Day 20: Go Big Or Go Home

The creme de la creme of sweepstakes! I Can’t NOT enter Publisher’s Clearing House and still call myself a sweepstakes enterer….a sweepstakeser…sweeper?

I’ve been doing this for twenty days now and I’m not exactly rolling in winnings but I am enjoying sharing this with all of you and looking for new things to enter. The last few days I’ve started to learn more about the blogging community and the sweepstakes community and there is tons to explore.

Can’t wait to see what the next 20 days bring!

CSW: This site is feeling more like working for pennies then getting things for free. Even if I win the $50 I feel like at this point I’ve earned it…and I didn’t start this blog to earn insufficient amounts of money, I have a job for that.

Money spent to date: $4
Winnings to date: $2.74 (and a $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Catch: I’ve got to start finding things with better odds!


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