Day 22: Drag Queen Bingo

For weeks now, some friends, my roommate and I have been trying to go to the Whole Foods in Brooklyn for trivia night. We finally got all of our lucky ducks in a row and scheduled for tonight. Well, no one told Whole Foods how hard this was to schedule and they cancelled…the unlucky gorilla strikes again.

But when one door closes another opens and behind that door is the fabulous Linda Simpson and hilarious Mr. Murray Hill hosting Drag Queen Bingo at the The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. Lucky Duck 1 – Unlucky Gorilla 0.

Before I get to bingo let me explain Royal Palms. Actually I’ll just show you…it’s epic!



If you are ever in New York, and are smart enough to visit Brooklyn, you really need to check this place out. Especially if your goal is to observe hipsters in their natural habitat (see bartender above). Tip: Do not feed them craft beer after midnight.

We were lucky and ran into some friends and combined our tables! I also got some tacos and old bay fries from the food truck. If you noticed in the picture, the food truck is actually pulled into a loading dock that opens into the club so the food changes regularly. What an awesome idea! I spent $6 on 3 cards and away we went.
<br />
The fist round prize was a lame oversized picture of an indistinguishable European landscape that I wasn’t sad to lose but the second prize was a chicken clock. I wanted that chicken clock.

A little history may be necessary here. This it’s not my first time at Drag Queen Bingo. A few months ago I went and won this awesome motorcycle clock.

It’s only fate that a clock this spectacular should have a friend. Unfortunately fate had other plans and the chicken clock found another home.

As prize by prize continued to pass by we set our sights on the big final prize. A $150 jackpot! My roommate won it last time and dang could use that cash now.

The bad news is, I didn’t go to me. The Good news is, it went to someone at our table. I’m feeling pretty unlucky but my roommate points out that both times I’ve been to Drag Queen Bingo someone we know has won the jackpot – I’m surrounded by positive thinkers. Also the entertainment and company were amazing, which makes it impossible to feel down about not winning.

God I love this city.

Money spent to date: $10
Winnings to date: $2.95 (and a $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Catch: This one is a win win…I’ve have spent a lot more than $6 to be a lot less entertained.


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