Day 26: Game On

I’m finally done with my August weekend extravaganza tour. Over the past three weeks I have been to Florida and back to NYC, then Chicago and back to NYC, then Maryland and finally back to NYC, where I am staying for the foreseeable future. Due to all of this traveling and a busy summer/spring/winter before that, I have been eating and drinking a lot of crap and it’s really starting to show. I’ve been in permanent party girl mode and unfortunately that equals chubby girl mode. I have no regrets but it’s time to take a little break and get my body back in shape.

I work out pretty regularly doing fitness kickboxing and Muay Thai. I was a gymnast growing up but once I hit college I had a hard time finding a work out I could stick to. I tried everything from running, to cycling, to P90X, to the regular gym but kickboxing is the thing that works for me. Going to the dojo never feels like going to exercise because it’s social, fun and a great release – who doesn’t want to punch things sometimes after the work day?

When it comes to staying in shape my biggest problem is diet. I love anything salty and fried with a side of anything cheesy. I also love a good cocktail.


I’ve had periods of my life where I have been great about eating healthy, all I usually need is a jump start to get going. I found something called the Healthy Loser contest and after some research confirmed that this contest – that sounded a bit too good to be true – was legit. It’s $100 to enter, which is a bit much but will absolutely help me stay motivated. The person who loses the largest percentage of weight wins $5,000 but anyone who loses 15% or over also wins prizes. Which is totally doable!

I will be updating my progress towards winning this prize as I continue to try for other prizes. Game On!



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