Day 27: Emmy Ballot Competition


I spent a lot of time today looking for a Emmy ballot contest to enter because lets face it, the Emmys are the best award show. I finally turned to blogging community and found one – so glad that now I know where the good giveaways and contests are! Thanks ‘The Latchkey Mom’! Also the prize is a $20 Starbucks gift card, which I could definitely use. You should go enter too – I love a little healthy competition. 

In order to enter I had to list my predictions for the following categories. My predictions are indicated by the image or gif above the category. I always need an excuse to use more gifs. 


Best Drama Nominees: Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men and True Detective. There is really only one valid outcome here if you ask me. 


Best Comedy Nominees: Louie, Modern Family, Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley, Veep.
There really needs to be a mixed genre category. Veep is a true comedy and probably the funniest show on television but I can’t bet against Orange is the New Black, even though I can’t bring myself to call it a comedy either. I love when you talk to some (NOT ALL) guys about this show and they comment that its ALL women so they just don’t get it – welcome to our world fellas. 


Lead Actor in a Drama Nominees: Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, Jon Hamm for Mad Men, Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom, Woody Harrelson for True Detective and Mathew McConaughey for True Detective. 
This is an AMAZING category this year! That being said Bryan Cranston’s performance is simply unbeatable. If they gave him every future Emmy to every be awarded for this I would agree with that decision. 


Lead Actress in a Drama Nominees: Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey, Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife, Claire Danes for Homeland, Robin Wright for House of Cards, Lizzy Caplan for The Masters of Sex and Kerry Washington for Scandal. 
I have a feeling this one will go to Julianna Margulies but I really hope its Robin Wright. Where is there another portrayal of a woman like this on television?!? No where!


Best Actor in a Comedy Nominees: Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory, Ricky Gervais for Derick, Matt LeBlanc for Episodes, Don Cheadle for House of Lies, LouisC. K. for Louie and William H. Macy for Shameless.
This category was kind of uninteresting to me this year but past experience makes me place my bet on Louis C. K. 


Best Actress in a Comedy Nominees: Lena Dunham for Girls, Melissa McCarthy for Mike and Molly, Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie, Taylor Schilling for Oragne is the New Black, Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation and Julia Louis-Dreyful for Veep. 
Again, really tough choice. But Taylor Schilling’s transformation in the first season of Orange is the New Black and her ability to avoid the Sophomore season back lash deserves some recognition. 


Supporting Actor Drama Nominees: Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad, Jim Carter for Downton Abby, Peter Dinklage for Game of Throne, Josh Charles for The Good Wife, Mandy Patinkin for Homeland, Jon Voight for Ray Donavon. 
Its all about Jesse, Bitch! I don’t feel as strongly about this one as I do about Bryan Cranston…but the feeling are still pretty strong. 


Supporting Actress Drama Nominees: Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad, Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggatt for Downton Abbey, Lena Heady for Game of Thrones, Christine Baranski for The Good Wife and Christina Hendricks for Mad Men.
Are we catching the theme here? I would be happy with some other winners in this category too. 


Supporting Actor Comedy Nominees: Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine Nine, Adam Driver for Girls, Jesse Tyler-Fergerson for Modern Family, Ty Burrell for Modern Family, Fred Armisen for Portlandia and Tony Hale for Veep. 
Another great category but Portlandia and Veep are on another level if you ask me. Oh you didn’t ask me?


Supporting Actress Comedy Nominees: Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory, Julie Bowen for Modern Family, Allison Janney for Mom, Date Mulgrew for Orange is the New Black, Kate McKinnon for Saturday Night Live and Anna Chulmsky for Veep. 
I messed up and thought Kate Mulgrew was “Crazy Eyes” from OITNB so I went with her. I really would love to see America’s “My Girl” win this one! YAY VEEP!

Sorry for any typos in this massive post! I don’t have time to read it through so I will fix it later! I would love to hear all of your predictions. 

Money spent to date: $10
Winnings to date: $3.25 (and a $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Catch: The Emmy voters and I frequently disagree. 


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