Day 29: I AM Ready For Some Football!

If you aren’t finding any good contests, sweepstakes or giveaways online you can always do things the old fashioned way and start a live fantasy football league with your friends and coworkers! $10 in for a season of entertainment and the opportunity to walk away with $100 isn’t a bad deal at all.

After attending one I am now a big believer in holding a live draft. Not only do you get to see the disappointment on peoples faces when you steal their favorite player – or in my case give them side eye when they steal yours, thanks Shannon – if you are as awesome as us you get to have unlimited beer, wings, ribs and hush puppies from Brother Jimmy’s. No I have not forgotten that I am currently participating in two fitness challenges, should have just run a marathon instead like Shannon.

Overall the draft went pretty well for me. I am a die hard Bears fan so my one rule in drafting is no Packers. I don’t care if I have first pick and they have a player that pulled 500 points a game last year, I will never EVER pick a Packer. Now that I’ve cleared that up (and lost all of my readers in Green Bay), let me know what you think or if you have any tips.

This is my first time playing with friends and I’m looking forward to a little competition and smack talk. I just hope we don’t get so competitive that someone suggests something nuts like a tattoo for the loser.

On second thought……..

I’m just kidding mom. I’d never put my unicorn in the clouds when everyone knows they belong in the forest!
br />
Much better. See, nothing to worry about.

Money spent to date: $120
Winnings: $3.50 (and a $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Lbs lost for fitness challenges: 1.5
Catch: If Brees gets injured I can say bye bye to that $100. I’d rather say buy buy.


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