Day 31: Fall Playlist

Everyone keeps talking/hastaging about how this is the last weekend of summer. For some reason this year it really took me by surprise. I mean, I didn’t lose track of what day it is, but usually I am ready to face fall head on. I’m just now starting to get bored with my summer playlist! 

I mark the turn of each season with a playlist where I gather songs that future me will listen to and say, “Ahhhh, remember how awesome the Summer of 2014 was” or “I’m glad I’m not in the same slump I was in during the Spring of 2012.” Seriously, that playlist is depressing. 

In order to make my playlist of Fall 2014 I need to expose myself to some new music, which is why I entered to win tickets to…



Are these boys people I should know? Like the new Jonas Brother or something? 

Okay a lot of this music probably isn’t the type of stuff that would make it onto my Fall playlist – unless I won tickets to the concert in which case future me would be saying “Ahhhh, remember the Fall of 2014 when I won tickets to the I heart radio concert and we went to Vegas!” – I think you are getting the idea. 

Let me know if you have suggestions for my Fall playlist! 

Money spent to date: $120
Winnings: $3.50 (and a $1 coupon for garbage bags)
Lbs lost for fitness challenges: 3 (YAAAAAAS)
Catch: If I win a trip to Vegas I fear I may end up down more money then I already am!



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