Day 35: Something Positive

The news has been massively depressing over the last few months. Or maybe it’s just a constant increase in depressing over forever. I needed something positive today and found it – searching through other blogs, of course.

In Indonesia landfills are being filled with discarded tires and they do not have the infrastructure necessary to deal with the build up. So a group of people working with local Indonesians started to use the tires to make soles for shoes and founded a company called Indosole. Honest Tea has made their own custom pair of shoes and you can enter daily to win a pair.

This was an uplifting story to read today with all of the bleak news. A good reminder that there are always creative solutions if people are willing to put forth the effort. Read more about the shoes and the people who make them at their website.

I didn’t win but I’ll be back again to keep trying.

Money spent to date: $121 (forgot that the game to win Sponge Bon cost a dollar)
Winnings to date: $3.55, $1 coupon for garbage bags, Sponge Bon stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 4
Catch: If I don’t win these shoes I’ll probably end up buying them anyway. They got me.


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