Day 37: Honoring Joan

A few years ago my roommate and I watched “A Piece of Work” and realized we were missing out by not being head over heals for Joan Rivers. I thought I would have another 10 good years of Joan and feel like I’ve been robbed (we’ve all been robbed) but I’m glad I had the time with her that I did. To honor Joan I have entered to win Botox for a year for myself and a friend (my roommate liked the “and a friend part).


I love how they think people won’t notice that she is squinting in the picture on the left and not in the one on the right. The magic of Botox.

Well, a huge hole has been left in our funny bones over the past month with the deaths of Elaine Stritch, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. But if we have taken anything from them I think it’s this…


If I manage to be half the woman you were I will consider my life a success!

Money spent to date: $121
Winnings to date: $3.65, $1 coupon for garbage bags, Sponge Bob stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 5
Catch: Bummed


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