Day 43: PSYCH!!!

I went to check my email today and finally, after 43 days of diligent sweepstakes entering, I got the email headline we’ve all been waiting for!!!


All of this hard work typing my own name and email address into entry forms over and over is finally paying off! I won a trip and/or toilet paper for a year – it was all worth it! My roommate is going to be so happy we have free toilet paper. Who am I going to take with my on my trip? Can I get a day or two off work? I need a new swimsuit and…


A $1 COUPON THAT I WILL GET IN 8 – 10 WEEKS!!!!! I BET YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but by the time I get this $1 coupon robots might be wiping my butt with a reusable super future wipe.

Ugh. Winnie the Pooh sums up my feelings better then I can.


Well when the going gets tough the tough get going, and what better to dull my pain then some craft beer? Onward and upward!


This Prize includes a pair of VIP tickets to the festival, $100 Gift Card to Houston Hall Beer Garden, a beer making kit, signed copy of “Beer Lover’s New York”, VIP gift bag and a few other odds and ends. Enter Here if this sound appealing to you.

I don’t think I can really count coupons as a win seeing as its more of a constellation prize for NOT WINNING. See revised winnings to date list below.

Money spent to date: $121
Winnings: $3.69, Sponge Bob stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 6
Catch: Until I have a win the wound remains fresh.


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