Days 46 – 48: Playing Catch Up

Oops. I got a little distracted this weekend. Okay. I got a little lazy this weekend. What’s with the third degree. Sheesh.

Now it’s time to get down to business and dig myself out of this hole. There’s a lot of free stuff out there looking for a home. So let’s start with Saturday. You can enter this one here.

That’s what I need…to answer the call of the wild! It’s fall, time for fresh starts and new things and destroying comfort zones! If you won this sweepstakes what wild ride would you choose? I’d have to go with the plane.

Okay on to Sunday, which if you remember from last week is going to be Sunday Getaway Giveaway for the foreseeable future (until I get a vacation). And after the Chicago Bears comeback on Sunday, from down 17, I have to dedicate this one to coming back from near heartbreak to win. Charmin I’m looking at you and your “You are a winner!!!!!…….of a $1 coupon” email. Cottonelle, show me what you’ve got.

I’m learning that toilet paper companies have really awesome social media. So if your are ever looking for something to read in the bathroom look no future than the wall.

Now it’s on to last but not least today! I was back at work today cause it’s Monday, boo, but Newegg.com, a company we use to buy a lot of our computer equipment announced they are having a back to school sweepstakes. I’m planning on going back to school within the next year so I’m entitled to join this. Also I have been typing this blog on an iPad because my computer is currently broken and that’s getting less and less fun.

Enter this one here. So there you have it. Alright I’m exhausted now. Night!

Money spent to date: $121
Winnings: $3.93, Sponge Bob stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 10 (bam!)
Fantasy Football Standings: 2-0!
Catch: Triple the sweepstakes, triple the disappointment. Maybe I’m just in a funk…


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