Blackhawks / Hockey / Sweepstakes

Day 49: Hockey Season is Upon Us!

23 days until the Blackhawks are back on the ice! I’m still recovering from game seven against the LA Kings…but I think my heart is ready to open up and accept hockey in again. It’s going to take time, trust needs to be rebuilt but let’s be honest getting back together is hard but living without you is impossible. I understand it’s not a one way street…I need to know if my Blackhawks are ready to take me back as well, which is why I entered to win a pair of tickets to their game on October 11th in Chicago. I will be home that week so it works out perfectly.

Can’t wait for the 2015 playoffs. GO HAWKS!!!!!

Money spent to date: $121
Winnings: $3.96, Sponge Bob stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 10 (bam!)
Fantasy Football Standings: 2-0!
Catch: I could get my heart broken again, but it’s worth the risk.


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