Day 51: Girls Inc.


My friend works for an awesome organization called Girls Inc. and last night she was kind enough to invite me to a fund raising benefit. The three “catch words” of Girls Inc. are strong, smart and bold and the organization provides girls across the country with education and opportunities that their circumstances would otherwise prevent them from having. Since my friend started working there I have heard her tell stories of young women getting scholarships for college and being set up with everything from bedding to computers, giving them a chance to get a quality education and change their lives. Check out their website, girlsinc.org to learn more.

The event featured a silent auction, raffle, open bar and my personal favorite…


A table of cheese! After filling up a plate of with gouda and cheddar I skimmed the auction and got my heart set on VIP tickets to see Sleep No More, which I promise myself I will go see at least once a week and still haven’t. I also spent $20 on raffle tickets to win free plane ride on Delta. Maybe I could use this one to go somewhere other than Chicago or Florida (however with nephew number 2 on the way probably not).

I like my odds at events like this much better than the thousands and thousands I am up against entering online sweepstakes. Drum rollllllllll….


I am having no luck here! The Sleep No More tickets ended up going for about $200, good for Girls Inc but bad for me. Luckily on the way out we were hooked up with some pretty awesome gift bags filled with samples and a free ride home with Uber. Ill take a free ride home to Brooklyn any day!

Money spent to date: $141
Winnings: $4.01, Sponge Bob stuffed toy
Lbs lost for fitness competitions: 10 (bam!)
Fantasy Football Standings: 2-0!
Catch: None this time. Stay strong, smart and bold ladies!


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